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ncdc supported state integrated cooperative development project

ukcdp- sheep goat sector

The Uttarakhand Integrated Cooperative Development Project [UKCDP-Sheep Goat Sector] is accelerating the holistic development of the sheep and goat sector in Uttarakhand with the support of the flagship National Cooperative Development Corporation [NCDC]. Treading the path of success, we have established a state level Uttarakhand Sheep Goat and Rabbit Farmers Cooperative Federation Limited [USGCF]. We have also established primary cooperative societies at the village level, encompassing more than 10,000 sheep and goat farmers including 7,000 all women primary cooperative societies.

How we help our farmers

We facilitate multipronged assistance and guidance to our farmers. The members of the organized primary cooperative societies are provided with:

  • High-quality sheep and goats for breed improvement and propagation of the stock.
  • Timely Veterinary interventions for proper weight gain and growth of the progeny.

Traversing the Path from Unorganized to Organised

We believe that small steps bring radical transformation and hence have initiated multiple arrangements and reforms in the sphere.

  • Surety of Sale: The federation enters into a “buy-back contract” with the sheep and goat farmers, under which the ownership of the produced progeny remains with the Uttarakhand State Sheep, Goat, Rabbit Cooperative Federation Ltd. This ensures a ready market for the farmers to sell their goats and sheep.
  • Product Quality: With well monitored multi level and multi dimensional efforts, the goats thus reared provide hygienic and healthy meat.
  • Creating Linkages: Persistently working towards creating a wider network of market linkages with defence organisation, institutions, colleges and consumers.
  • Branding: The brand “BAKRAW” has been conceived to sell the Himalayngoat meat through Meat on Wheels [MOW] and an e-commerce platform for easy access and wider reach. We will soon enter new territories in India and abroad, also supporting the ‘Vocal for Local’ spirit in the process.

Socio-economic impact of the project

The foundation of the project lies on a unique approach that positively impacts a multitude of stakeholders across the entire spectrum of the value chain- both socially and economically.

The dawn of the positive changes is evident in:

  • Creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities in rural areas and opening of multi-field income avenues for the farmers with the provision of technical (veterinary services, improved breed etc.) and marketing support.
  • The estimated projections of creation of Rs.1200 cr of revenue, of which 70% is expected to reach the rural sheep goat farmers.
  • Support to 10,000 sheep goat farmer beneficiaries and a large number of indirect beneficiaries such as logistic services providers, para vets, feed manufacturers and others.
  • Enhancement of the nutritional security of the hill populace.
  • Availability of safe and hygienic meat to the quality conscious urban consumers in the state and outside the state.